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How to Install Microsoft Office

MS Office is a backbone of today’s businesses, one of the most famed productive programs around that allows working professional to get their job done in an efficient manner. If you already have the product key ready, then you don't need a disc to set up or start installing Office on your computer. All you need to do is a reliable internet connection in order to get the installation process completed. If you don't possess a product key, then you can buy one from the online store or the Office online store or you may simply call us at +1-800-815-5142.

Method 1: Installing Office 2013 and Office 365 and (Mac and Windows)

  1. Download your Office online. Or click here to go to the form.

  2. You find product key in your confirmation email or if you have lost or forgot your key, then you can call our Microsoft support team to retrieve it.

  3. Next, you need to Download Office Setup File.

  4. Finally, you need to run the Setup.

  5. Just you need to follow the prompts in the installer.

  6. Be patient and stay online till the installation process gets completed.

  7. Finish the installation.

Method 2: Office 2010 Installation on Windows

  1. Find your product key. – You need a product key to complete the installation process. If you have already installed Office 2010 on your computer, you can simply retrieve your key with the help of key retrieval program like Product Key.

    You can buy Office 2010 from the Office online store, If you haven’t bought it.

  2. You need to insert your Office 2010 disc, or you can download the installer from Microsoft official website.

  3. You need to start the setup program and enter your product key and Follow the prompts in the installer.

  4. Finally the Installation process gets finished.

Activate Office Online

Method 3: If you think that you can’t go through the above mentioned steps, then simply you can call our Team to get assistance over the phone and setup your Office Software easily and instantly with Office Setup experts.

Method 4: If you think calling our support team is not possible, then you can simply chat with us and our team will assist you in getting the software downloaded and installed on your computer within no time.

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